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The Garden BanditTM & Telesco-Weeder™ weeders may not look like much, ......

but just wait till you use them!

The people who use our products know how to say it best & over the years, consumers and retailers have sent their comments to us. Here they tell you what they think in their own words. Names are abbreviated for privacy


follow Link to article on the Garden Bandit weeder by award winning retailer Hope Milner. http://www.hopesbag.com/garden/gardening-made-simple/   & her recommendation
Hello "Garden Bandit Guy"!  I rec'd my Telesco Weeder about a week or so ago, and I was so apprehensive to start weeding my "chickweed" issue, because of all the bad luck I have been dealing with it,  I left the Telesco Weeder in the shed until I decided that I would tackle the garden, and to my LOVELY surprise my Telesco Weeder just ploughed through the chickweed like magic!!  YIPPEE!  WOW, and yes, the Telesco Weeder took 1/2 the time, my other weeder's take....I am IMPRESSED!  Words can not express how grateful I am that I came across your website and ordered the Telesco Weeder.  I am spreading the good news around to my friends and family..... you've saved me so much work!  You are a genius :)

Thank you also for the special  coupons you added with my shipment!  Regards J.D. , Ont.

Thanks for such great packaging and info to help sell your product. I have never received such support and organization when receiving stock.  I think the girls will have fun with this. M.O., Gdns Grc inc
Good morning. I am the owner of ICanGarden.com and while I lived in Canada,I was a faithful user of this remarkable tool. I gave many away to other gardening friends as this was the best tool I could use in my own garden and knew they would appreciate it as well.
I am now living in Panama - nothing has changed on the site though - it is
still Canada's largest internet gardening resource site - but I cannot get
any good garden tools here. I am starting a project with some other people
and [
would like to get] a few of these so that I can get this country using them as well.  D.D., Panama
"I am a master gardener and everywhere I go I take my garden bandit loop weeder. I also started a beautification committee in my home town and use my garden bandit weeder for many projects that we work on as a community service. I call it the master gardener tool. Everyone wants my bandit weeder!" Janice E., SC

"My family says this is the best tool they have ever used."  C.L.Grove, Illinois

Very easy to use-love it!   B. Skokna, NJ

I wasn't too impressed when I saw such a simple design. But WOW! It surely works great on getting out those small pesky weeds that sprout up everywhere. A real handy tool! I like how it's easy to carry around with me as I go strolling through the yard & garden.          A.Buebek,   FL
The garden bandit weeder is great! It cut the time spent on weeding the flower beds almost in half. It is easy to carry and easy to use. I'd recommend it to anyone I could. The garden bandit loop weeder is great..wish Id had it sooner!                       K. Neumann, OK

Containergb.jpg (27619 bytes)"I love it for my planter boxes and raised beds, it’s a great tool for getting rid of weeds and rejuvenating the soil." Joan W., BC



"Another Canada Blooms Show has just passed and again the Garden Bandit weeder was the hit of the show. We sold out again! I'am faxing my next order today!"

Bev M. Garden Scape. Retailer

bndtlgoclr&beige.jpg (29143 bytes) A customer sent us this humourus story of how she lost & found her favorite Garden Bandit weeder...
You can get the weeds before they get too big & not hurt the tender plants. It slices the weeds off real good.       D. Asher, AZ

"They are great, I've already bought four and need four more for gifts!" Faye S.   SK

"After they[customers] try the Garden Bandit weeder they always return to buy one as a gift. Consequently this tool outsells every other tool in the store - by a lot!"                 Judy P. Dig This. Specialty garden gift shops

It's easy to use, loosens soil and removes small weeds in close quarters where you can't us a hoe or even a trowel very easily. Does less harm to roots and stems. Has a big comfortable handle & my favorite use is loosening soil in close areas.                           D. Brown, IN


Subject: Re: [local store for:] The Garden Bandit loop weeder;

Hi folks A friend of mind received this tool for his birthday present last year and could not remember where they bought it. He was of the opinion it was from the states, however since I have been working with this for a year at his estate, I now wish to purchase the same garden tool. Since it is manufactured in Canada, I just went on the internet and bang up came your company's web site. Hence the e-mail request. This tool has reduced my work volume time by 60% in the vegetable and flower gardens. Thanks for the excellent tool and your assistance in this request. Kind Regards, Don R., BC


I like the size & shape of the blade, I can see what I'am doing. It's fast & easy to use. I can get right next to my plants without tearing them up. The handle is comfortable in your hand.      J. Ratliff, MS

"I find it says a lot about a product when customers who have tried it out themselves come back and purchase several as gifts." Janette V. Applewood Garden Clasics. Retailer


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I have a lot of short scrubby weeds almost impossible to pull. They are in-between and all around desirable plants so "round up" is not a good option. The Garden bandit hoop weeder allows me to slice these short weeds, roots & all out of the beds.  A, Stratton, VA
Byrock.jpg (21081 bytes)It's easy to use & will not rust, I have lost more tools to rust this is great! I use the garden bandit weeder around my bulbs that I planted in the fall. Weeds came right out and the bulbs were not disturbed. The handle design made the garden bandit hoop weeder easy to grip. Really love it!

E. Braisted, RI

"I love the Garden Bandit weeder because it's so well designed. I have trouble with my wrists but find the ergonomic design of the garden bandit loop hoe weeder reduces wrist strain while working. It's small size also makes it delightfully maneuverable." Gayla F., an avid gardener  Clarkston,WA
When my husband and I returned home after Hurricane Ike (Sept. 13, 2008), we discovered that the 3 1/2 feet of water inside the house had floated everything--including the refrigerator-freezer--to strange places.  Then I saw that the 6 ft. tall garden storage shed outside our house was gone.  It had completely washed away with all of my tools, including my most valuable tool--the Garden Bandit weeder.  Even in February (2009), the weeds are rampant here on the Texas Gulf Coast, so I need to attack them with the easy-to-use Garden Bandit weeder.  My husband and I have not been able to move back into our house, but we are repairing the interior and trying to get rid of the weeds with the Garden Bandit weeder. Thank you.    Dale B  Kemah, TX
"A good tool is still a good tool." Nathan .S- Sunday Democrat Herald,   OR


"I recently received a Garden Bandit weeder as a gift and have decided it is wonderful!" Margot.L  S.C.

"You have made a very handy gardening tool." Irene T.  SK

Wonderful! This is a wonderful garden tool. I have wrist problems and I am able to use the garden bandit loop weeder as an extension of my arm without the ware & tear to my wrist. We have seen it advertised in 2 places and wish you only the greatest of success!                  E. Kaczorowski, MI "Many customers come in and buy one then return and buy 3 or 4 more for their friends. We have had many customers come in raving about garden bandit weeders while other customers are in the store!" Trudy H. Garden Mouse. Retailer
"Owing to the fact that I have had 3 heart attacks and 3 strokes, I found weeding my garden an almost impossible task. Now that I'am the happy owner of a "Garden Bandit weeder", I would like to tell everyone that "weeding" has become the easiest chore in the garden!" Mary P. M.   ON   indirt.jpg (19683 bytes)
Super tool, easy to use, easy to carry, what a find! R.Burritt, NE "I look forward to  presenting my gardener family members and friends with a really useful christmas present." Carol S.
"They are just terrific and my gardening friends will love me once they get to use it!"  Susan E.  Rhode Is. I didn't have high hopes for such a simple looking tool. I'am a believer now! It pulls most weeds without chopping off the roots.     J.Dobson, MO

gb disp.jpg (14503 bytes)

"A customer came to my store last week and stated to several customers in the store that "No one should leave the store without a Garden Bandit weeder" She is buying them for every gardener on her Christmas list! She referred to them as not only an excellent weeding tool but one that "gathers those nasty little things into a bunch so that they're easily disposed of"! (I offered her a job in sales!) Judy B., Specialty garden shop in Unionville,ON
I live in central Florida near the east coast. Our soil is tough to plant in and the root system of the palmettos is very difficult to get through. I bought a "Garden Bandit weeder" on a vacation trip and was skeptical that it could be that good. It IS that good...and then some! I love working in my yard now. My neighbors even stop to ask me what I am using that makes weeding and planting look so easy!
I am very glad I took the chance and purchased the Garden Bandit loop weeder. I have ordered 5 to give to my "gardening friends" for Christmas gifts!
It is not often that I take the time to write about a product! Thank you.
Does a terrific job of weeding, gets close up without disturbing other plants. It's easy to hold & carry. After tilling the garden it's so easy to make the V to put the seeds in & using the side of the blade I can cover the seeds. This tool saves a lot of time planting. I also use the back to press the soil after planting the seed. Great tool!          M. Lockwood, LA The Garden Bandit weeder has allowed me to cut my gardening time in half. Weeding without disturbing my plants has become a breeze. I use the garden bandit weeder and 2 other small tools to help me plant my plants. Before, I was pulling out the big tools. Mixing soil & fertilizer is much easier now too. It is effective in working through a lot of tasks in the garden, weeding, mixing & preparing soil etc. T.Johnson, FL


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Don't let simplicity fool you!

Put a Garden Banditô weeder in your paw today & see what it can do for you!

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After staring forlornly at my garden, avoiding it in the blistering heat, armed with my Garden Bandit weeder, I attacked it with trepidation. Two months ago it took me a full morning and afternoon to weed, and much longer to restore my fingernails. By all reports, the Garden Bandit loop weeder was good, but nothing could be that good, could it?

Wow! Literally, in half an hour, weed roots lay wilting in the sun, there was no damage to the tender vegetables, and I was looking for more gardens to weed. This is the ultimate best weeding device I have ever tried in my life, without exception.

It is everything you claim, and more. I can't believe that I'm actually enthusiastic about weeding, but the Garden Bandit loop weeder  worked beautifully in both the well-amended soil of my vegetable garden, and the long ago abandoned hardpack of other areas. It's a joy to use. Thank you for a terrific product.

I bought a Telesco loop weeder for my neighbour, one for my Mom, and have recommended it to everyone who will listen. Next week, I'm off to buy a Telesco for myself, for those days when I don't feel like getting up close and personal with my weeds.   C.S. , Ont.

Jeff, I did get lots of weeding done with my Garden Bandit weeder; I filled up two huge trash cans with weeds and still have more to pull. The garden bandit loop weeder certainly made the job easier than the traditional claw-type weeder I had been using. Thanks, Dale B. ,Texas
I have been using both of these items for at least 2-3 years and have purchased a few to give away as gift to fellow "gardeners". I love using the garden bandit weeder - it is my very favorite garden tool. I wouldn't ever want to be without it! I also am now using the teleso-weeder and quite like it too for larger areas and quick soil work-up. In fact just today I gave a garden bandit weeder away as a gift to a friend that was retiring and she loves to garden also. L.Reeves, AB
I borrowed my neighbor's garden bandit weeder and no kidding it cut my weeding time in half. I live in Tampa Florida and would like to get one ASAP. Please let me know where the nearest dealer is. My zip code is 33556 if this helps. Thanks, it's a wonderful product. E.P., Florida
My uncle originally purchased one and loved it so much he bought one from my mom. She loved it so much she bought six of them for friends and family. My moms has seen a lot of use and it's starting to lose its shape. She was in real panic when my uncle couldn't find retailer [locally] With her birthday coming up I thought it would be a nice surprise. We also have one and love it. Dean., Sask.
Hi folks, A friend of mind received this tool for his birthday present last year and could not remember where they bought it. He was of the opinion it was from the states, however since I have been working with this for a year at his estate, I now wish to purchase the same garden tool. Since it is manufactured in Canada, I just went on the internet and bang up came your company's web site. Hence the e-mail request. This tool has reduced my work volume time by 60% in the vegetable and flower gardens. Thanks for the excellent tool and your assistance in this request. Kind Regards Don R     BC
I purchased a garden bandit weeder many years ago from a store in Edmonton and I still use it all the time and LOVE it. It is my essential garden tool. I would rather give up every other tool than lose my garden bandit weeder! I work for a greenhouse in Kelowna (which is only open from the beginning of March to the end of June and was going to try to get them to carry them next season because it is such a fantastic tool. I also want to buy one for my mother-in-law for a gift – she is hard to buy for, and an avid gardener, I thought it would be a perfect fit! I thought is was called the something else and looked it up on Google. That’s when I found your web site.    Thanks.Shelly       Kelowna
I love the long-handled loop weeder! It does exactly what you say it does. It makes an unusual but very appreciated gift because of its efficiency and ease of use. It's nice to note that these great products are made in Canada!
Thanks again, and thanks for your prompt reply.   Jean H.       Vancouver
Wow, thanks for the lightning fast response! Yes, we are organic farmers and hoeing & cultivating are our main weed controls besides cover cropping. We had our first hoe 8 years before we wore it out. We prefer it to any other we've ever tried.  Kim M. B.C.F.
I bought a GARDEN BANDIT loop weeder thirteen years ago during a visit to Canada. It is worn out from over use. It is by far the most effective loop weeder I have ever owned. I need a replacement. It took a little detective work to find you - fortunately, I was able to decipher the GARDEN BANDIT name on my unit.          James B. TEXAS
Just wanted to thank you for an excellent product, prompt service, and most of all your cheery notes.         Lockwoods
Garden Bandit weeder is Ideal for: Weeding & cultivating flower beds, raised beds, vegetable gardens, planters, window boxes, & any where soil must stay in place. The Garden Bandit™ weeder is also great for mixing in compost & fertilizers, making seed planting rows & preparing beds for planting, general aeration of soil, breaking up clumps of soil, & scraping mud off the sides of your boots!

We have been selling and using this tool for 18 years now and it is the best tool on the market. Many customers return to buy it for their friends or relatives. Anything Grows garden store

Garden Bandit-Purple loop weeder I just love this little workhorse...it does it all and quickly! And the bright color helps me find it when I lay it down. I've given this to several friends and family members and they love it also. M.P.
This is the best tool I have found for weeding in the garden. So I have purchased 3 of them to always have one handy. Try one and I am sure you will like it. S. K.
These garden tools are the greatest for use in tight places. It is especially good under rose bushes as you can avoid the nasty thorns. It just whisks the weeds away. I am buying them for gifts now.    Jane.W.
This little hand loop weeder was intriguing and after using it I can see why many love this garden bandit weeder. It is simple to use and you can get in really close to all types of bulbs or plants without any damage. R.B. ,MA
This makes weed pulling fun and easy.
We saw this item in Canada in a store and when we returned home we ordered it. Easy to use. Alex D.
This product arrived swiftly and in good condition and i was very surprised at how well it rips out weeds, i definitely recommend this simple looking hand tool A.S.A
My wife is the gardener in this household - she'll dig and plant all day, pull weeds by hand.
When I want weeds up and out of the ground, I grab the garden bandit weeder - it is like a hand held <miracle> and it will clear the garden of scrappy little weeds quick and easy. John C.
I was downtown Toronto a few years ago, in "the Beaches" and went to a little garden/gift shop. I almost didn't buy it, but read on the label something about it being the best garden tool ever, and decided to try it ...of course I LOVE it! I want to get one for my sister, so thank you. Gill S.
My friend bought me a Garden Bandit weeder for my birthday at Butchart Gardens. Seriously the best tool I have used in my 40 years of gardening. I live in an area with hard clay and the tool allows me to mix up the clay with compost in such an easy manner. Thanks for the info. I will order one for my friend and an extra for me! Julie R. Calif.
Hello again, Thank you for a quick response to my inquiry. First I want to say Iíve owned a garden bandit weeder for 5+ years now and itís my favorite garden tool. I live where Clay soil is the norm and this tool cuts through the clay soil like butter I love using the garden bandit weeder. This is a great product (tool) canít imagine doing any gardening without it, makes the job in the garden so much easier and a pleasure to do.

A store owner brought it to my attention told me about the product and that it was Canadian made. Iím happy I listened and took his recommendation and purchased one. My best and favorite garden tool. You may use my comments if you wish as Iím very happy to help let others know about the Garden Bandit weeder.

Thank you for your time and a great product.   Brenda.  MB

I bought the garden bandit weeder at a Montreal Garden Show and brought it back to NJ USA. I canít imagine gardening with out it. It makes everything much easier and gardening even more enjoyable  P.M. NJ
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