Comments from Garden BanditTM weeder Users

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Here’s a comment we received from one of our long-standing wholesale customers….

We received our order. Thank you for your great attention to detail. This week we have been receiving orders for our big show from quite a few suppliers. I can't tell you how many companies ship orders incorrectly, either how they're packed, wrong colors, wrong counts, etc. We've had a major magazine print an old ad by mistake and their response was "oh well it looks good anyway". It gets really frustrating dealing with companies that just don't seem to care. And then along comes our garden bandit weeder order and it's perfect! Thanks for caring! ….   

"Garden Bandit weeder" You are priceless....a great little helper!  Simone B.  ON
This product is great, I didn't think I would use it, but it's wonderful. I don't have much strength anymore to pull weeds by hand so this really helps. A. Rowlett, IL
The garden bandit weeder is one of my best garden tools I have! It I the first tool I grab when I go work in my garden & flower bed. Even my 9year old daughter loves it! She loves helping mommy in the garden & I'm confident that she'll do a great job without damaging the plants! I love how easy it is to carry it around in your pocket! C.Borel, TX
Love your product, Texas has tough soil and year round gardening. The garden bandit weeder cuts through tough soil and removes the root. C.Stanley, TX
Liked the way I could reach under a weed w/o bending down to dirt level (I have bad knees) Yellow color means it is easy to find in the tool shed. This is a really nifty tool, which I probably would never have purchased [for myself] had I seen it in a store because I would have said "there is another gadget I can do without". But I would have been wrong! C.Canfield, VT.
It works fast & easy. It gets weeds close to the plants without hurting the plant. D. Lean, WI
Scrapes away ground hugging weeds digs right sized holes to replant iris roots & small plants. It pulverizes the soil to put back in around the planted flowers. It feels "solid" not flimsy in use. D.Scott, TN
This is a lifesaver. Have been looking for something to help save on work… durability & easy use. E. Swanson, MN
Works best for weeds where the roots are not too deep, I like the design & construction, it's easy to handle. H. Mager, OH
This is the easiest garden tool I have ever used not to heavy but light to use. I wish I had this Garden Bandit weeder years ago. I really like it a lot. J.Langer, SC
GB is easy to use good for removing weeds in between plants. I like the idea of it not rusting. Bright handle makes it more easily found when lost in the garden…easy on arthritic hands. J. Saltz, AZ
Easy to use and not get hands dirty, weeds are very easy to remove while they are young. J. Clark, OH
When I opened the box & saw the garden bandit weeder I laughed & told my husband bob, what the heck is this? Well we found out real quick after we read about the tool & rushed out to our flower bed to try it out. Wow! It's great! J. Sheard, TX
Glides through soil easily and I have some wrist pain from work & it does not seem to cause me any pain when using it. Very comfortable to hold. J. Cook, MD
Works great! It's fantastic for lazy gardeners like me! It gets the weeds without disturbing neighboring plant roots. J.Lubinski, IL
Love it, so much easier than trying to pull weeds. And fast! Did almost all my beds in 2 hours. I've never been able to do that before. I like how close you can get to plants, get the weed out & leave the plant alone. J. Kirkpatrik, MO
We just moved back to the country for our retirement. We have huge garden w/flowers & fruits. Most of the hand tools I have used have broken. One new one lasted only 1 day. The garden bandit weeder is effective, easy to use, it feels sturdy & best of all it works! J.Cowden, TN
I love the garden bandit weeder! I can get rid of weeds without harming other plants nearby. Also it does not require as much effort & exertion as other tools. L.Stanley, KS
When I first got a garden bandit weeder, I was a bit skeptical since it really didn't look like much. But I've been using it in my garden and I've become a believer. It does a great job with weeds, loosening compacted soil, mixing compost. L. Applegate, IL
I have arthritic hands these tool makes weeding easy again. Slices under weed & lifts it up so easily!
Really does a great job on eliminating the roots of weeds. Very effective & comfortable to hold. M. Berger, SC


I have a raised bed by my mailbox which I plant bulbs, perennials & annuals. It is a very hard place to get to for cultivating. I used the garden bandit weeder & was finished in no time. M. Brooks, IL
I adore the garden bandit weeder, I have carpal tunnel and I find I can keep my wrist straight while using the garden bandit weeder. M. Micthell, TX
I have many flowerbeds where the plants are close together. I am amazed at how effective the garden bandit weeder is & how quickly I can move throughout the beds. I can weed with ease & much quicker than what I had been using. M.Trotter, TX
easy to grip, fits nicely in my hand, very easy to use, keeps soil loose, (much easier to work with loose soil) M.Scott, NC
Here in Nevada roots of older weeds are extremely long and hard to remove. The GardenBandit weeder makes removal easier of young weeds but older weeds which have developed tap roots not all of root is removed. But it’s a lot easier to use than other weed removers I’ve used. M. Hurd, NV
I would recommend it to any gardener who is conscientious about removing weeds. It is safe to use, do not have to worry about pointy or sharp edges. It works- that's the main thing. It's light easy to handle easy to spot when laid down. P.McCabe, LA
much easier to use and more effective than claw type implements. P.Donaldson, TX
This is a very good product. P. Linn, MO
Good handle design, works great! R.Sailor, ID
Wonderful handy little tool to take whenever I walk out to my garden…there always seem to be a few weeds to attend to. R.Simmons, MD
Easy to loosen & stir soil, much better than a prong, fits easier between plants. I use it indoors in houseplants & geraniums waiting to go outside. Works well in the coldframe. I Can work longer with my swollen hands & its much easier with this big comfort grip! R.Meyers, NH
I would fully recommend this tool. It is very easy to use even on dry compacted areas of my garden. I like the way it leaves the soil after use. S. Jarvis, TX
Easy to handle, very simple to use & very effective. V.Tate, MD


I was skeptical when I first got it, but was PLEASANTLY! surprised to see how well it works. I keep it with all my tools & use it frequently! Virginia L., NY

I like that it is light weight. It's very effective in sandy soil & most convienent in green houses, flower,vegetable & window box gardens. Donna E. PA

It cuts through weeds & hard soil like butter! Great for dressing up a flower bed after winter.  Julie. S. PA

What a unique idea! Just whip in behind the weed & pull toward you - easy!  G.Fuhs, KY

This is wonderful for ridding your garden of weeds. It is so easy to use, it's like a hot knife going thru butter. Thank you, it's great!, Barbra. B.,MI

The garden bandit weeder is perfect for gathering small rocks and pebbles as well as removing weeds. It is rather addicting because it makes you feel so successful. I find it is best to rake up the rocks when the soil is dry-it leaves the dirt behind; and the weeds after you water because the weed slides out easier. The metal will bend if you strike a large rock but easy to bend back and still functional anyway. It is still hard work but it saves SO much time so you finish sooner. Easy to clean too. Love it!  Susan S.

It's design is so cool, and stores easy! Gets out the weeds... great! Patricia A., WI

I hate weeding. We uses horse manure for a fertilizer and the small weeds grow more rapidly than most. This tool not only pulls the weeds, it also chops them off when needed. It is easy to use, light weight & small.  Sandra L., WI

This tool is easy to use. It is light weight but very strong. Cuts through weeds & soil with little effort & does a very good job!" W.Tucker, MO

I like to weed between closely planted plants, the garden bandit weeder fits between the plants that many other tools do not & it's easy to use. Susette C. KS

I like to take the garden bandit weeder with me when I pick strawberries, it's light weight, easy to use & carry & so handy to remove any weeds between the plants. Helen. H. KS

We have just returned after being away for 5 months. You can well imagine what my garden looked like! I got a Garden Bandit weeder just in time! It can't always cope with the dry Arizona soil but it does a great job in my flower beds! I like using this tool, it's a good solid tool for weeding and aerating. Judith. F. AZ.


Great for many things like loosening soil without damaging plants - removing old stones, removing top layer of soil in window boxes. I would recommend to other gardeners. I like how easy it is to use. Kathleen O., MA

So easy to use, comfortable handle! Donna B., NJ

I have used the Garden Bandit weeder mostly for weeding & love it! I also have used it to scrape moss off my brick walkway. I would recommend it to any gardener! Michele P., NY

Because of the narrow design, I can weed in between plants without disturbing the roots. Especially in between ground cover with shallow roods (Ajuga) and it doesn't disturb the surrounding soil. Donna I., NY

"a handy & good product for small gardens. Easy to use & would be good for elevated gardens accessible from wheelchairs. Rita R., PA

It works! Easy to use. C.M.,MD

I use it under bushes and around the pond where snakes lay. This is so much better than using gloves and pulling. It's so simple & easy to use. It has a good angle when pulling...wonderful! I can sit on a low bucket & work easily with my bad back. Easy   on the hands also! Alana B., SC

I used the garden bandit weeder to weed flower beds & vegetables. I like it because it's easy to use, the blade is sharp enough to cut weeds & grass. Does not disturbe the root system. It is better than any tool I have used. I definitly will recommend it to fellow gardeners. Mrs. R. P., FL

It's easy to use. I can weed between closely spaced plants and get under spreading plants without disturbing them. My reach is extended so I don't have to move quite as often. Becky.G., TN

It worked fine, except where I had cypress mulch. Michelle P., KY

I love it! This tool is great! It pulls weeds & cultivates small areas for planting with ease. It cuts the earth like butter, it even got through our dry ohio clay. I recommend this tool to everyone as a great piece to add to your "favorite" garden tools collection. Dawn C., OH

The Garden Bandit weeder is the only tool I take with me everywhere. It is good for weeding but so much more, when planting it crumbles the dirt, carves away the sides even where I have heavy clay. A few swipes through the clay & compost & it is fine planting soil. I almoste never use a trowel now. It cuts through small roots, mixes soil in pots, it's comfortable to hold & is my most versitile tool. My Husband says" you'll never loose that tool cause you never set it down!" Evonna W. OH

I love weeding my flower bed with the garden bandit weeder. I have arthritis & love the ease that it enables me to complete the beds. I highly recommend the garden bandit weeder. Marilyn V., OH

Simple to use. Good for young weeds. I did a berm in relatively short time. Tamara H., IN

It's so easy to use - cuts through new growing weeds and allows you to dig deep to the roots of established weeds. It's small, no complex handles, it's light & stores easily. Linda W., MI

"Very effective & comfortable in the hand. Sandra R., MI

I can get in close to the roots of plants I want to keep to dig out what I don't want [to keep] Diane T., MI

It's short, compact & easy to handle. My 4 biggest problems are unwanted grasses, poke weed, and ground ivy mixed with violets. This year, thanks to the garden bandit weeder I was able to get all of them, out of my garden. The Garden Bandit weeder works well on all fiberous rooted weeds& shallow rhizomes. Not as well on tough tap roots. Sharon H., MI

I like the comfortable grip & narrow blade. The garden bandit gets in between close growing plants. Also when used to remove weeds coming up through mulch, it doesn't pull as much soil to the surface. Winifred L., MI

Thanks for letting me know that my payment has arrived. I am really looking forward to the new garden tool. I just LOVE the little one, and expect that the long-handled version will be just as wonderful. Have a very Happy Easter, and thank you again for the message, and for these excellent garden tools. Sincerely, C.K.

I have always felt that it takes many different tools to run an efficient, beautiful garden. This has become a favorite to preform around my beloved roses with causing root damage. It is very durable & easy to hold. It's great for troughing around roses for systemic fertizers, scrapping the dirt for clover & small weeds. Darlene J., MI

Easy to hold onto with my arthritic fingers & hands. Comfortable to use, I really like it! Anna S., MI

Fantastic little tool that you don't want to be without. Easy to use and light weight, which is nice when you have arthritis. Connie D., WI

easy to use. C.B., IA

Nice tool. Light weight & easy to use. I can keep it in my pocket while working. Barbara F. IL

I like the easy to grip handle. I have found theGarden Bandit weeder is very comfortable to handle for hours of gardening. It is very easy to get enough leverage to remove deep rooted weeds from my flower beds without a lot of twisting & turning of my wrist. Lynn B., IL

Easy to use between my flowers! Handy item in my garden tool bucket! Rose J., IL

My favorite use is weeding & loosening dirt around plants. It doesn't take much energy, is easy to use & cuts weeds out quickly & easily. The bright colors make them easier to find when you set them down in the grass or garden. It's easy to care for & will last a long time. Diane E., IL

I like the sturdy, conveient size. It fits the hand well. I use it for removing soil from clumps of weeds, making the waste of good soil, a minimum loss. Dolores F., KS

It's really effective for getting small weeds close to plants. Doris.A , NE

It has a good design & is sharp enough to work easy & fast. I would recommend it to all those who weed flower beds & gardens, it works well on both. Almer.B., AR

I love it for weeding around new seelings like carrots. The shape of the handle makes weeding effortless. It cuts through even clay with no problems! A light weight & affordable must for every gardener! From small to large gardens, it’s a must! Great invention! My Hat's off to you! An actual garden tool that really works! Bonnie C., ID

I use a layer of mulch in my flower beds. With the garden bandit weeder I can loosen weed roots with out disturbing too much mulch & the weeds pull easily. Sandra G., UT

This tool has done wonders and whenever I lend it or show it to people they all asked me where did I find such a tool.   C.B. Ottawa. ON
I purchased a Garden Bandit weeder in Oregon and since returning home other family members are quite interested in obtaining one also.   I personally have never used a better weeding tool than the Garden Bandit weeder. It cuts down on the time that I used to spend weeding and it gets the roots without disturbing my plants. I Love It. Thanks again! Karen J.
I live in Fort Worth, TX. Who is the nearest dealer for the garden bandit weeder? It is great. I bought it when I was on vacation in Massachusetts and tried it when I got home. Now I wish I'd bought more and also one with a long handle. JoAnn
I received one of these from my brother in Ca. a few years ago and I think it is the greatest weeding tool I have ever used! I would like to pass these on to some of my gardening friends. Deb C., MN
Hi Jeff, Thanks for the address. We have a Garden Bandit weeder which is incredible. A friend wants to purchase one of the long handled Garden Bandit weeder. I know the location to drive to but had forgotten the store's name and adddress. Many thanks and have a great weekend. Ann
It is by far my favorite tool. I've given them as gifts in the past, and was hoping a local shop carried them as I need another gift. Janette, PA
It is the greatest tool I have in the garden.  George. L.
I love my Garden Bandit weeder!! I got it as a gift and have just ordered four more (one’s an extra for me!). I find that I don’t need my digger or hand shoval anymore...I just use the Garden Bandit weeder to dig holes, dislodge small rocks, cultivate and, of course, weed. I wish we had a retailer [locally]. Kathy.L, CT
I find it's great expecially for wide row vegi seedlings! Thanks! Gillian M. Ont.
I'll be in the garden Monday with my trusty garden bandit weeder making war on those weeds that have sprouted with all the latest rain---& with a smile on my face 'cause it makes it all so easy.  Judith C., Ont.