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 #1 weeder chasing weeds out of your garden yet?

Eliminate the need for harsh chemicals by using these unique tools designed for cultivating close to plants without damaging them!

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Using a Garden Bandit™ #1 weeder

Using a Telesco-Weeder™ tool


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Using the Garden Bandit™weeder

The patented innovative design of the Telesco-Weeder™ & Garden Bandit™ weeder free's you to safely work soil close to existing plants in complete control without damaging foliage or tender feeder roots

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Avoid feeder root damage & problems caused by other tools

Use your Garden Bandit™weeder to Eliminate undercutting

& the resulting set back of desirable plants. This is a problem caused when other sharp open edged hoes & tools are used close to a desirable plants feeder root system.

The Garden Bandit™weeders closed loop design cuts away from the roots preventing damage.

The sides of blade provide a depth reference and the curved design allows you to always know where the blade is working.

The tip of blade can be used close to tender plants for precise weeding.

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Use the Garden Bandit weeder between plants & garden rows

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As you pull blade through the soil away from the plant to kill weeds, soil passes through the blade. This aerates the soil, releasing nutrients and allowing benificial bacteria to thrive. This aerated micro mulch left behind reduces water evaporation as well and your plants will become more healthy & vigorous from regular use.

The thin High Tensile Stainless Steel blade and large opening through which the soil can easily flow, reduces effort & soil displacement. The Garden Bandit™weeder cuts easily through and improves high clay soils through proper aeration.

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       Keep pots & planters looking fresh....      no more "old stock" look.

Garden Bandit weeder is Ideal for: weeding & cultivating flower beds, raised beds, vegetable gardens, planters, window boxes, & any where soil must stay in place.

The Garden Bandit™weeder is also great for mixing in compost & fertilizers, making seed planting rows & preparing beds for planting, general aeration of soil, breaking up clumps of soil, & scraping mud off the sides of your boots!

We have even had customers tell us they use the Garden Bandit™weeder to scrape out pumpkins & gourds, clean gutters and scrape the moss off their pathways!

There really is no other hand cultivator as versatile as the Garden Bandit™weeder!


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