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 #1 weeder chasing weeds out of your garden yet?

Eliminate the need for harsh chemicals by using these unique tools designed for cultivating close to plants without damaging them!

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Using a Garden Bandit™ #1 weeder

Using a Telesco-Weeder™ tool


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Wholesale Information

Increase   your  Profits   with these  Winners


"This tool

outsells every other tool

in the store – by a lot!"

Judy P. (independent  retailer)

Need we say more?

How about unique design & limited availability?

or just as important…

how about excellent value for your customers?

high turnover, high quality, high margins, proven & guaranteed

If you want to get a jump on the market & give customers a reason to come to your store...offer them high quality, unique, & useful products they can't get down the street at a big box store for 1/2 price! The Garden Bandit™weeder  & Telesco-Weeder™ tool may be just the products you need. They are unique, high quality, not available "everywhere", and most importantly they work very well and are affordable. (Note, the Telesco-Weeder™ with permanently affixed handle  is not offered wholesale, only the threaded head without a handle is available wholesale. Threaded handles are available from many other manufacturers & distributors if you also want to offer handles.)

When properly displayed with our professional display kits,   they have excellent sell through and will generate repeat orders for you with customers coming back to buy more for gifts. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself what our wholesale customers have to say in the testimonials page or better yet try it for yourself!

Because you deal direct with us, the manufacturer, there is no middleman & you have exceptional profit margins to work with! In today's competitive market, this is the only way to go! Try us, we're a family run business & we guarantee you'll be satisfied!

You won't find Garden Bandit™  or Telesco-Weeder™ at the gift & trade shows and no distributor, or rep will show up at your doorstep & eat into your valuable time. So if you are serious about making your store stand out by offering quality products that are different from the standard line of tools that hang on the wall (we call them "Wall-mart" tools!) at every store in town including the big box stores, give us a call today.

Call 1-800-680-8890 or Email

& we'll set you up with these awesome new products!

The Garden Bandit™ #1 weeding tool

and it's companion tool

The Telesco-Weeder™ tool

Do you wonder about our service? Here is a sample comment we  received from a long-standing customer.... or check out comments page

We received our order. Thank you for your great attention to detail. This
week we have been receiving orders for our big show from quite a few
suppliers. I can't tell you how many companies ship orders incorrectly,
either how they're packed, wrong colors, wrong counts, etc. We've had a
major magazine print an old ad by mistake and their response was "oh
well it looks good anyway". It gets really frustrating dealing with
companies that just don't seem to care. And then along comes our garden
bandit order and it's perfect! Thanks for caring! ….

Join our growing list of happy customers now!

"Procrastination increases the cost of missed opportunities"

... so do it now while it's fresh in your mind!

Call or Email your order today

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