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Garden Bandit™ weeder display (6-7ea. color)

"Definitely an effective marketing tool I wouldn't be without."

"We use it in store and at the flower & garden shows we go to, it makes our job so much easier & it works excellent."

Telesco-Weeder™ display (12 tools) foot print of less than 1 square foot!  Heavy base keeps it stable .

As a retailer, you know the benefits of properly displaying merchandise. When products are not properly displayed, they end up sitting around collecting dust or get lost amongst other items. Customers often move an item through-out the store or hang it on a different peg because they're not sure where it really belongs. Potential sales are lost and it makes more work  for you keeping your store organized….

  if you weren't busy enough!

Products without proper displays and marketing literature also create questions from customers. If those questions are not answered by proper marketing literature, customers often will not ask your sales staff and again, you may lose the sale to the otherwise qualified buyer.

Our displays answer those questions, reduce your workload, and increase your sales.

By using our professional display kits, not only will you increase your sales dramatically, you will reduce your workload by keeping your store attractive & organized. We didn't design them to take up as much of your display area as possible, quite the opposite. We worked with our customers & designed the displays to be the most space efficient way to properly display our products. They take up less than 1 square foot and more than earn their keep as you will soon see!   Customers can see the Garden Bandit™ weeder or Telesco-Weeder™tools attractively displayed and are able to answer the most common questions on their own by reading the literature & diagrams.

Plus! Browsing customers can take a free brochure from the Garden Bandit™ weeder display that includes all the important information, including a spot for your store name and address. It's a great way to advertise your store for free! (we keep you restocked with free brochures on each reorder no charge!)


All opening orders include one display stand.


Another feature many of our customers like is the fact that our displays can easily be picked up and moved to different locations within the store. This catches the eye of different customers, increases sales and allows you to quickly & easily rearrange your displays or theme layouts without all the normal hassles of permanent wall displays. Changing your product displays keeps your store clean, neat, and interesting to your customer, not the same old same old in the same old spot! But you already know this right!






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