The story of My Long

Lost Garden Bandit weeder!


        Four or five years ago I bought my first Garden Bandit tool from a catalogue. This green Garden Bandit weeder soon became my very best gardening buddy and accompanied me everywhere, in the flower beds, herb gardens, garlic beds and the market garden. I used my Garden Bandit tool not only for weeding but also for aerating the soil, and planting seeds & young plants.

Then, a couple years ago I took on a new venture and my gardening time was greatly reduced. Lack of time combined with the very wet spring and summer of 2001 resulted in my gardens becoming sadly overgrown, and alas, my favorite green buddy was lost somewhere in the jungle. I searched desperately for him, but he was no where to be found. All was not lost, I sell Garden Bandit tools in my Garden Shoppe and so I selected a new companion. this time a bright yellow Garden  Bandit weeder. I was carefull not to loose this new Garden Bandit weeder but I stilled missed my green bandit and looked for it periodically.

As the summer progressed it became more & more obvious that there were just not enough hours in a day to do all I wanted to do and so reluctantly, I told my husband he could have the west half of my garden for cow pasture. While I was out of town in September, he roared around on the tractor putting in fence posts and fences, and soon the cows were contentedly munching on the lush weeds and scraggly veggies. Winter approached & I continued to mourn the loss of my green Garden Bandit weeder.

Then one sunny November day as I was passing by the new cow pasture a shiny stainless steel object sticking out of the ground caught my eye. Could it be....? Dare I even anticipate? With excitement growing, I carefully climbed throught the electric fence and....YES! My long lost Garden Bandit weeder was lost no more. and furthermore, much to my relief, none the worse for having been run over by the tractor & stomped on by the cows. Not only is the Garden Bandit weeder a gardener's best friend, it is also tough and built to last. Happy to be reunited with my green Garden Bandit weeder, I look forward to many more years of happy gardening with my faithful companion.

Lyn,  Edlyn Farms