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May 21st, 2007

Here’s my absolutely favorite garden tool … the one implement I can’t live without! Although I am certainly not an accomplished expert, the Garden Bandit weeder helps elevate my efforts allowing me to produce a somewhat impressive flower and vegetable patch each year. The Garden Bandit weeder features a high tensile stainless steel blade with a closed loop design. It easily cuts through high clay soils and is ideal for weeding & cultivating flowerbeds, raised beds, vegetable gardens, planters, and window boxes… in fact anywhere that soil must stay in place!

This compact garden tool is also great for mixing in compost and fertilizers, making seed planting rows, preparing beds for planting, breaking up clumps of soil - even scraping mud off the sides of your boots! Other enthusiasts even use their Garden Bandit weeders to scrape out pumpkins and gourds, clean gutters and scrape the moss off their pathways!

There really is no other hand cultivator as versatile as this tool. The patented, innovative design allows you to safely work soil close to existing plants without damaging foliage or tender feeder roots. A must for serious gardeners across the country! In fact, the Garden Bandit weeder was named as one of the top five “must-have” garden tools in Chatelaine Magazine.

Garden Bandit weeders are available in two models: the original Garden Bandit #1weeder and the new long handled model called the Telesco-Weeder  They also come in a variety of cheerful colors!

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