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Retail Finds   September 2006

Dig Up Some Great Sales!

Gardening is BIG business! The key for smaller independent stores is to uncover products and items that are not found in the big garden centers - products that are innovative and "do the job". The Garden Bandit weeder fits all of these criteria and more! In fact, this has become my personal "favorite" garden tool and I am not alone in my bias! It has been featured in numerous magazines including Canadian Gardening and the Globe and Mail and has also been highlighted on HGTV.

The Garden Bandit™[#1weeders] feature a high tensile stainless steel blade with a closed loop design. It easily cuts through high clay soils and is ideal for weeding & cultivating flowerbeds, raised beds, vegetable gardens, planters, and window boxes… in fact anywhere that soil must stay in place!

The Garden Bandit™ weeder is also great for mixing in compost & fertilizers, making seed planting rows & preparing beds for planting, general aeration of soil, breaking up clumps of soil - even scraping mud off the sides of your boots! We have even had customers tell us they use the Garden Bandit™weeder to scrape out pumpkins & gourds, clean gutters and scrape the moss off their pathways!

It is available in two models: the original Garden Bandit #1 weeder and the new long handled model called the Telesco-Weeder™. They also come in a variety of cheerful colors!

Merchandising Tips

With a minimum purchase, the good folks at Landmark Innovations will provide you with a wire stand and a variety of literature to promote their product. This truly is a "word of mouth" item – clients will send friends and family to buy the Garden Bandit weeder after using one in their own gardens!


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