DID YOU KNOW? & Other trivia!

A great way to remove a stubborn sliver in your finger is to coat it with white glue. When the glue is dry, peel it away and the sliver will come with it!                           

Banana skins contain lots of phosphorous and potassium and burying them just under the surface of the soil can do wonders for your roses!

Adding dandelions, nettles, comfrey, or yarrow to your compost helps speed up decomposition                                   

If you loosen the soil before planting carrots, they won’t be deformed & 2 legged! Use a Garden Bandit™ or Telesco-Weeder™ for the task, both are quick & effective!

Little brown bats don't drink blood or get tangled in your hair, instead they eat up to 600 mosquitoes per hour plus many other garden pests! Encourage them to your yard! look up bats on the Internet..there is a wealth of information on building bat houses & attracting them.

The expanding human population has destroyed 50% of the worlds original 7.4 billion acres of forest. Human population control may be the single most important environmental factor of the future.

In order of effectiveness at controlling pest damage to cabbage: #1 Hot pepper spray(click for recipe), #2 BT., #3 Garlic juice spray, #4 chemical pesticide.

Wild Orchard Mason bees are approximately 90% effective at pollinating the flowers they visit. By contrast the normal honey bee is only about 5% efficient! Mason bees are easy to propagate in your back yard with a "Bee Nursery"...ask about them at your local garden shop or build your own. You will benefit by getting bigger healthier fruits and higher crop yields because of proper and thorough pollination.



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