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"Herb Garden Markers"

hm.jpg (36386 bytes)aprox 3"high

They come as blanks only, like the one on the right.

Subtly identify herbs and vegetables with these classic herb markers or, add character to  label plants in rock gardens and flower beds.

They are strong, weather proof, and are a natural fit in every garden. Available as blanks so you can customize them to your own herbs, flowers, vegetables or what ever you wish! Hand cast from the same strong, & weatherproof polystone material as our Critter Garden Markers. They come in Terra cotta granite color only. Ordinary Sharpi Indelible pens are used for customizing them

Retail $1.50ea.  Paks of 5 or 10 

Call 1-800-680-8890 or email



Brain Teasers

BT's.jpg (17129 bytes)

"Loop-to-Loop" & "Loop Off"

Wooden brain teasers:

With "Loop to Loop" you have to get the wooden disks from one loop  into the other loop and they won't fit through the hole... but there is a way.... without dismantling it!

With "Loop Off" you have to get the cord off without untying the knot... again the disk won't  fit through the hole... but there is away...Arragghh!!

Instructions online...but don't read them...it's a brain teaser... once you figure it out,  give it to your boss!

Retail $2.50ea.

Call 1-800-680-8890 or email





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