Brain Teaser Instructions couldn't figure it out eh!

Well Congratulations are still in order...

You deciphered the blurry web address, made it here & found the instructions!

That in itself was a brainteaser !

Have Fun!

LOOP TO LOOP BRAINTEASER: Slacken the center loop and slide 1 disk through the loop. Pull the center loop backwards though the hole so the outside loops come through. Guide disk through both loops now protruding from hole. Pull center loops back through hole to form one single loop like the beginning. Follow line and feed disk through last loop. 1 disk should now be in each loop!! Remember, the solution is to just follow the line! Now, throw away the instructions & give it to your boss!

LOOP OFF BRAINTEASER: To remove string, slacken the knotted end of cord (don’t untie knot!) and slide this loop along the cord towards the button hole. Push the knotted end through the hole and spread loop open. Push the button the through this loop and remove string. Just remember how it goes back on! Once you’ve mastered it, throw away the instructions & give it to that "smart guy"!

Still can't figure it out??  ok...we'll make it easy with pictures!