Why should I cultivate around my plants?

Farm studies have shown that fertilizer & manure spread on a non-tilled field simply washes away where as on a tilled field, there is a much greater retention rate of the fertilizer and nutrients. In addition, the nutrients are much more available to the plants due to the aeration of the soil. This results in healthier, more productive crops. The same is true of our home vegetable and flower gardens yet how often is our garden soil compacted & unproductive? By using an effective tool such as a Garden Bandit™ weeder or a Telesco-Weeder™ to cultivate the soil between our plants, we make tiny air pockets in the soil that trap moisture and nutrients for our plants to feast on. Beneficial bacteria & bugs thrive in this aerated environment and they naturally help improve the soil quality & make nutrients available to the plants. Regular use of such tools reduces weed growth & loss of nutrients. Plus it prevents compaction and improves the quality of clay soils through proper aeration.

Farmers have been doing it for years and now with these tools you can safely do it too, without damaging the plants you have worked so hard to get growing already! By having a curved "closed loop" blade, you always know where the blade is working. With the open edged blades on other hoes & cultivators you can't do this since when the blade is under the soil you never know where the tip is cutting! You end up cutting the feeder roots off of your good plants often causing setback and disease.

Now you can get the weeds out while tilling the soil and you can keep from cutting your desired plants roots off!

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